Thanks God the internet has given every individual and business a possibility to expand their market internationally. With Malak Translingua now you will be able to target your market in their own language with our professional Website Translation Service.

Web Site Translation

Web Site Translation

You already have your own website? Let us translate it for you. We give you the option to receive the Content you provided  translated to the language you desire, or we can take care of both Translation and technicalities leaving your website functional and translated looking just as your original one. We work with major website companies, hosting services, code languages and platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and more!

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We encourage you to contact us ahead of time to review your material and prepare for the great day.

I am a Web developer how would I receive the translated content?

We will send the translated content organized by titles in text format in the extension of your choice.



I am not a developer but want my website translated, how does it work?

If you already have your website online, no matter where you are hosting or who created it, we can translate your website and make it look just as your original website just in another language. The translated content would be 100% human translation as well as the creative aspect.